The refrigerated cabinet represents the last link in the cold food chain before the food is found in the possession of the consumer.

At this stage, the development of products is primordial while ensuring their conservation. In other words, the refrigerated showcases aim to introduce or exhibit products in a chamber at a specified storage temperature. For over 35 working years, Loca Service to offers the customers to rent a wide variety of refrigerated displays cases.


  • Careful attention to your needs and suitable proposals.
  • Constant innovation to make your life easier
  • A perfect knowledge of the business and products with our own manufacturing plant
  • Unique models on the renting market
  • A wide variety of display cases and refrigeration solutions
  • The successful remodelling with our advice: experienced technicians who travel to your store to participate in the installation and connection of multi device lines (multiplex) of your refrigerated equipments.
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For over 35 years the new models from Loca service are developed in close collaboration with its customers. We adapt to the needs of our customers by creating, modifying and customizing our equipment according to your demand.

With our teams, from the world of distribution and food processing, and our organization, we are able to provide you with a suitable solution that complies with all the animation problems inherent to your sales area. The general characteristics of our refrigerated displays can indeed vary from one reference to another, according to the function of the requested technology and the maximum overall dimensions of the operating area.


Each day, the whole group Loca Service agrees to be ever closer to the major players in the retail market.

With the rental of refrigerated displays at Loca Service you trust a recognized professional.

  • Wide range of refrigerated displays integrating the latest technological innovations
  • Always adding innovation to our refrigerated displays with aesthetic and increasingly modern designs.
  • A wide range in our offer for the choice of temperature capabilities, exhibition areas and opportunities of accessories
  • A local commercial service, with an available, facilitator and, proactive approach
  • An up-to-date operational logistics.
  • A marketing department and POS fully integrated and dedicated to customizing our displays.
  • An effective and responsive transport service
  • A network of 12 agencies in Europe to enhance accessibility and efficiency
  • Availability and visibility of our refrigerated displays throughout the year
  • Reactive Hotline, competent and 100% dedicated to our refrigerated displays
  • The advice and experience of the rental specialist since 1981
  • A variety of models and accessories


Inexpensive, convenient and flexibility are the keywords of the rental concept in our society.

At Loca Service, there is no standard system. Each customer and each property is unique and different. We are not starting from a single model.

Through its slogan '' The other way to rent ! '' Loca Service expresses the balance between its two strong points: professionalism and sense of customer service. It confirms our position (Rental) and commitment to our customers to offer them more services (The other way...). It creates a powerful symbol, unifying and differentiating that we have in our company since our beginning.