The Loca Service Studio is your expert in graphic communication on various printed or digital media.

Always attentive to your needs, we put at your service our human skills to help you create or format your visuals and the layout of your advertising media in store on our refrigerated display cases.

We design supports consistent with your identity and your graphic charter, to improve the impact of your communication at the point of sale with your refrigerated furniture (bins, murals, semi-murals, stands ...)

The studio is equipped with the latest technology and software.

We are specialized in customization in all its forms, our team will work on the staging of your products in store!

studio graphique vitrines réfrigérées meubles frigorifiques PLV

You do not have any ideas on the creation, or need help for the layout of your elements on your PLV, the graphic studio Loca Service proposes you the graphic design thanks to the control of the following software: Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.

We propose to design and carry out all your communication at the point of sale, from graphic design to printing and production monitoring.

  • Depending on your needs, we are able to offer you our services for:
  • the design of your POS for your commercial actions (POS cardboard, vinyl or metal)
  • the dressing of your refrigerated showcases according to your graphic charter and your visuals
  • the custom creation of printed materials (BRI, flyer ...)
  • the manufacture of original and design supports with specific cut-out shapes
  • the development of your digital and digital media (audio and video)
  • the realization of vitrophanie and your Roll Up
  • ephemeral animation booth design (tasting counter type)
  • setting up your POS with automatic deployments
  • the manufacture of your Carroussels, Totems and Columns
  • creating your Stop spokes
  • deployment of elliptic and square arches concepts

Creativity and cost control

Our team will listen to you and offer you the most suitable solution combining creativity and cost control. 

Our visual requirement guarantees the level of quality of our creations.

A team at your service

The Studio is composed of a project manager, a copywriter, a graphic designer and specialized graphic designers.

Stand out without delay and use our services.

An integrated studio at the cutting edge of communication

Thanks to this 360 ° team, you are better understood, the creations are more accurate and the deadlines are shorter.

Do you have an idea to submit to us? So let's make your project right now.


Our strengths


in the respect of the demand and the fluidity of the exchanges, in the council and the accompaniment on the long term.


in the work of your visuals, in the precision of the setting of the contents, in the variety of the proposals and in the requirement of the graphic quality.


in the analysis of the problem as a whole and its environment, in the incarnation of the vision and values of the brand for which we work.


from the world of supermarkets, refrigerated display cabinets, competent graphic team and expert in POS for many years.

The opinions of our customers

"We worked with Loca Service's Graphic Studio for a major graphic project. We appreciated the professionalism, the quality of the reflection and the graphic propositions. ''

"Working with the Loca Service studio has been a real pleasure both professionally and humanly. Creative, efficient and responsive, they have always been attentive to our needs and meet our expectations with advice and kindness. "

"The Loca Service studio has been able to meet our expectations with a real sense of listening and exchange. Graphic quality, sense of editing, typographic choice, rigorous layout and visibility of the message were at the rendezvous. Thank you.''

3D scenario

You already imagine your refrigerated showcase decorated with its PLV in store or on your shelves, but would like to be reassured by discovering its real situation with a 3D projection? Or do you have internal or external communication needs and you want to integrate your 3D editing into your presentations?

No problem ! We are able to realize it for you and to adapt it according to your needs.

Thus, we can offer you an extremely realistic 3D model (with or without the insertion of graphic elements, products, staging, theater ...).

Here is an example of before / after realization (3D / realization) on a PLV Food Truck made by Loca Service.

plv food truck camion carton loca service ilv publicité vitrines réfrigérées meubles frigorifiques bac ilot citroën type H
PLV Studio Graphique Loca Service Meubles réfrigérées frigo frigorifique vitrines réfrigérées design noël habillage