Loca Service has an efficient logistic service that manages all shipments of its refrigerated displays. Through its deployment throughout the country, our logistics is able to respond instantly to problems and provide solutions within 24 hours.

Indeed, each departing agency has a privileged interlocutor who has solutions either internally with our own fleet, or externally with a loyal network of carriers.

Efficient logistics for the success of your business operations

  • 12 Distribution agencies in Europe: Lille, Avignon, Bordeaux, Nancy, West Paris, Rennes, Lyon, Paris East, Orleans, Portugal, Carcassonne and Beauvais
  • 10 Dedicated exclusive transports reachable from 8h to 18h without interruption from Monday to Friday
  • 24 Loca Service heavy vehicles specially designed for the transport of our refrigerated displays
  • 11 Commercial vehicles and 5 intervention vehicles
  • 28 Carrier partners in everyday life

  • Procurement of our agencies in France,
  • Storage,
  • Delivery to the point of sales throughout France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands,
  • Resumption of devices,
  • Forwarding from point of sale.


Efficient through our own fleet of vehicles with 2 levels and lift ramp in the tailgate.
Even for its carrier partners, Loca Service finds solutions so that our refrigerated displays are travelling in the best conditions.


Popular vehicles received through the professional competence of our drivers and immediate independence through the lift ramp in the tailgate. Our delivery deadlines are always met: from 2 hours to 24 hours maximum. A real commitment between our company and our customers.


Close collaboration with our carrier partners meet strict delivery times and our quality pact.


Pallet stacking, specially designed by Loca Service, optimizes space in trucks and gain in CO2 emissions.


Taking appointments with the warehouse reception services call or email before displacement to ensure the availability of the showcases. Our logistics service also has a deep understanding of the reception hours from all fresh products stores in France.


Our trucks are double floor with elevator tailgates, which also allows to optimize space and to better distribute our refrigerated displays during trips, providing comfort and professionalism during unloading.

Our transport and logistics service is available Monday to Friday from 7h30 to 18h