The sale and integration of sensors and connected objects equipped with an information feedback platform

Connecty-Smart is an innovative French company specializing in connected solutions in Europe and around the world: smart-building, industrial equipment control and monitoring, robotics, … Our fields of application are wide and varied.



Our mission is to offer connected and adaptive solutions that meet the specific needs of each of our clients. We focus on sustainability, reliability, and performance.





A comprehensive range of connected solutions

We offer a tailor-made service: from sensor sales to complete integration solutions.

  • A wide range of sensors, developed by our teams and manufactured in France: humidity, temperature, door opening and closing… They meet the needs of many application areas.
  • Ergonomic and fully customizable Human Machine Interfaces, to monitor and control all data feedback and to set up personalized alarms and dashboards.
  • Integration services, for complete support in the realization and response to your projects.
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Our commitments

  • Putting our expertise at the service of your needs: offering you the right tools and the most relevant associated platforms in light of your specifications.
  • Strong CSR commitments and the integration of social and environmental impacts into all proposed solutions. We are committed to prioritizing the most sustainable approaches in meeting your needs.
  • Prioritize local French production.
  • Ensure complete control over the entire chain of solutions offered: design, integration, operation… Ensuring greater reliability for you.
  • We offer tailor-made and turnkey solutions. We position ourselves as a facilitator for our clients who may not necessarily be experts in technical and technological fields.
  • We offer a comprehensive and full-service approach: from the connected object to the Human-Machine interface platform, to the integration support.


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Remote control and management of equipment

  • Save time
  • preventive maintenance: anticipate incident
  • be able to intervene quickly and calmly
  • ensure the performance of your equipment
  • avoid losses

The solution comes with an application that can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or computer with:

  • Instant email/SMS alerts and notifications in case of an incident Automatic reporting
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Optimize and boost your sales!

  • Understanding the shopper’s habits and preferences
  • Act on restocking, layouts, and instore devices to implement to develop your sales
  • Analyzing the ROI of your marketing devices
  • Avoid stockouts

The solution comes with an application that can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or computer with:

  • Configurable stock tracking alerts Customized reporting and dashboards
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We support you in customizing your data consultation space

  • Track your energy consumption
  • Address your CSR challenges
  • Measure the environmental constraints of your buildings
  • Increase the energy efficiency of your buildings
  • Improve user comfort

Manage your buildings and control your consumption!


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