Loca service, the partner of your projects for works,
remodeling, and renovation!

We have been active in the field for many years and have multiple clients who regularly use our remodeling services. Our know-how and expertise allow us to operate throughout France and abroad.

Give your concepts
a fresh look!

The most challenging area to manage in the relocation or remodeling of a store is often the fresh and/or frozen zone.

Loca Service supports you during this crucial step and offers you, for all your store renovation or construction operations, a range of specific refrigerated display cases for rent, which can be adapted to the desired configuration.

Donnez un coup de frais à vos concepts !
l'apport technique

Technical input

A relevant technical solution that optimizes your square meters even during work:

  • Wide range of closed furniture
  • Furniture channeling (exclusive to Loca Service)
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Amperage panel
  • Cross merchandising solutions

Engage in a peace of mind contract with on-site technical support tailored to your needs.

Specific selection of a range of furniture

We adapt to your schedule with our specific range of furniture (wall-mounted, bins, semi-wall-mounted) for a successful remodeling thanks to our great flexibility and commercial responsiveness.

selection specifique


Our sales team is made up of experts from the food and retail sector, mainly in the fresh products field. Their practical experience allows them to easily understand your needs and meet your expectations.


After analyzing your project on site, we offer you the technical solution that best suits your needs and constraints.


We offer you a precise methodology for the implementation and monitoring of your remodeling project, including technical and commercial aspects.


Loca Service offers an efficient logistics service that manages deliveries across the country. The logistics can adapt to your specific constraints, such as delivery hours and different locations.


We are here to listen to you

Let us support you in setting up your shelves temporarily. We are here to advise you and offer the best options to maximize your sales space during the work.

Contact us to discuss your plan and all the possibilities available to you!