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We are pleased to announce the implementation of our new online website, with a new URL www.loca-service.combut also and always accessible from the old address www.locaservice.net.


Finalized in June 2016, the new site contains many new features and offers visitors an enhanced experience with simplified navigation and intuitive operation. More dynamic, clearer and more accessible, it intends to be easier to use for our customers and partners. The navigation is much more fluid, including through block content management.

The strong development of offers and service Loca Service and our established position No. 2 in Europe in the rental of refrigerated displays to the large and medium/sized food retail stores and industry, have led us to launch a complete overhaul of our website to improve our presence in digital media. This new version has been designed to meet all your needs and that is why it has a design that allows you to quickly access the information you seek.

Aurélien Bouve, co-manager of Loca Service says that "we have based the development of our site on a thorough analysis of the behaviour of our customers. It was essential to our evolution that we have a tool that is at the forefront of the technology and reflects the image that drives our company. This innovation is what matters today."


A web site designed for easy navigation!

The sales management, accompanied by communication and marketing team Loca Service, wanted to set up a website intuitive, interactive and useful for its customers.

The new interface includes:

  • An interactive homepage composed of different blocks for easy navigation,
  • An attractive presentation of our refrigerated displays catalogue with the presentation of our different product ranges (islands, multidecks, stands ...),
  • New image, more qualitative of our refrigerated displays cabinets,
  • An online tool for POS customization to create, freely and easily design the dressing of our refrigerated displays with your colours, your logo or even your text! A test without further delay in here.
  • A new Loca Concept page, highlighting our approach to research and development and our function of manufacturer of refrigerated displays,
  • Embedded videos and downloads in each product sheet,
  • Automatic call back module to contact us are designed to help you quickly find your designated representative,
  • Client area on the home page that allows you to easily manage your rentals and get the answers to your questions.

To assist you in your mobility, this new website is now compatible with 100% digital devices (computers, smart phones and tablets).

We hope you enjoy browsing and visiting regularly to keep you informed on products and novelties. (Feel free to subscribe our newsletter on the homepage.)

Enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to contact us at +33 (0) 3 20 95 52 00 or via the contact form to send us your first impressions!