Klassa, the Loca Service showcase that achieves energy class A.

Discover Klassa on video right here.

For over 5 months, Loca Service teams have been working on a new-generation, eco-responsible, self-contained refrigerated unit that meets the energy-saving needs of food professionals, distributors and manufacturers.
KLASSA is the first rental unit to guarantee A-class energy efficiency. 

It took an in-house team of 15 people and over 5 months of research to create KLASSA. 

Loca Service’s R&D teams focused their research on both the design of the unit and its cold production technology.

A complete study was carried out, analyzing point by point the possibilities of adapting and optimizing an existing piece of furniture. For each point, several avenues were tested, validated or discarded.

To be efficient and meet customer needs, a piece of furniture has to combine minimum consumption with maximum marketing performance. That’s what KLASSA was all about!
Maxime Sorel, Marketing Manager.

To reduce energy consumption, the teams used cutting-edge technologies for the technical elements that produce the cold. The use of propane as a natural refrigerant gas and specific cold cycle settings have enabled us to achieve, in part, class A energy efficiency. The rest is due to the unit’s eco-design. KLASSA has been designed with optimum insulation in mind.

A high-performance piece of furniture is considered to have a C or B rating. We wanted to go further. The Class A refrigerated display case is a real energy revolution that we’re proud to be able to offer our customers.
Hervé Florentin, Sales and Marketing Director. 

As for the structure, the teams chose to glaze the doors and sides. Low-energy LEDs illuminate the 5 exhibition levels.

It’s all these features combined that make this performance possible. The result? A refrigerated display case 1.3m wide with a capacity of 605 liters, offering a temperature range from 0 to 4°C, and consuming 80% less daily energy than an equivalent open wall unit. KLASSA combines commercial and energy performance.


One of the advantages of leasing is that it gives manufacturers, professionals and distributors immediate access to the latest generation of equipment that can be adapted to changing standards

Aurélien Bouve, Manager

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