🌿 The Class A range: The solution for your energy savings! 🌟

In a world where energy conservation has become an unavoidable priority, the retail industry is facing major challenges in terms of energy performance. At Loca Service, we’re proud to meet these challenges with our new range of highly efficient refrigerated display cases, revolutionizing the commercial refrigeration market.

đŸŒ± The context: commercial refrigeration is an essential pillar of mass retailing, guaranteeing the quality and food safety of the thousands of fresh products displayed and preserved in sales outlets. However, against a backdrop of increasing regulatory pressure and heightened societal awareness, it has become imperative for retailers to implement measures aimed at improving their energy performance.

🍃 Our answer: At Loca Service, we’ve taken the initiative to innovate and offer a complete range of group housing furniture with A energy classes. Our products guarantee minimal energy consumption while offering a solution tailored to every need:

  • The vertical refrigerated display case: KLASSA
  • The semi-vertical refrigerated display case: KIRA
  • The refrigerated bin: KLIMA

🌳 The benefits: The transition to our energy-efficient display cases offers multiple advantages for retailers:

  • Significant reduction in energy costs (from 76% to 92% depending on model).
  • Improved competitiveness and brand image.
  • Helping to preserve the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

đŸŒ»Our commitment: At Loca Service, we’re convinced that the energy performance of cold cabinets is crucial to the competitiveness and sustainability of businesses. By choosing our highly efficient equipment, our customers can make significant savings while contributing to a more sustainable future.

đŸ§ŠđŸŒ± Let’s build a better future by innovating in sustainable refrigeration: join us on this journey towards energy efficiency and sustainability! At Loca Service, we’re determined to keep innovating and offering ever more efficient solutions to meet our customers’ needs and help preserve our planet.


The KLASSA is already available for rental!


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