By entering into this new generation of companies committed to sustainable development, Loca Service meets the new requirements of environmental respect: consumption control, minimizing waste and energy efficient production.

Our sincere wish to be demanding in our business requires us to commit ourselves strongly face to face to our customers, our employees and the planet. So Loca Service works every day on its sustainable development policy in order to limit its environmental impact.


To compromise itself to environmental protection

Loca Service will :
  • Strictly comply with local, national and international regulations,
  • Mastering the impact of its business activities on the environment,
  • Establish a continuous improvement process, management and control of environmental impacts, of its business.
Source of performance and sustainability, Loca Service environmental policy is both a cost reduction factor and a motor to improve practices.

The "Zero Waste"!
At a time when everything is wasted and replaced, Loca Service has chosen to recycle, repair and renovate...

Our employees and agencies

At Loca Service, we encourage our employees and agencies to develop eco-actions, the exchange of best practices and initiatives to reduce water and energy consumption. Which implies :
  • A qualified and specialized personnel,
  • Rigorous procedures,
  • Quality control,
  • Various tests throughout the preventive maintenance cycle of the Refrigerated Displays,
  • Our warehouses are heated only where this is our staff,
  • The rainwater harvesting system for the fire-extinguishing system,
  • Exclusive use of cold water in our bathrooms.

An extremely competent Hotline

  • Five employees to more than 25,000 refrigerated displays, ensure non-stop service from Monday to Saturday noon
  • A spare parts store well stocked and organized to avoid lean.


Every day, the quality policy of Loca Service is implemented successfully by all our employees. Through their commitment and activities, in accordance with our philosophy and principles, we together create the value and reputation of the Loca Service brand. This is reflected not only in the quality of our refrigerated showcases, but also in the corporate culture of our company.

Thus, we strive to make our showcases refrigerated :
  • Adapted to the needs of the markets and our customers
  • Complies with all applicable standards and requirements in terms of safety and functionality
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Durable and aesthetic

Guided by the requests of our customers :
  • We create refrigerated showcases always more modern, technical and technological
  • We constantly improve our products
  • We produce energy efficient appliances
  • We assure the After sales service of our refrigerated displays


Transport : impact on reducing co2

Loca Service is the first rental company to create agencies and not deposits within a radius of 150 km around the places of delivery

  • Less km / year performed by a window
  • Better customer service, closer and more responsive
  • Empowerment of drivers through training in eco-driving: fuel-efficiency, ecological and economic, adapted to current engines
  • We give special attention to the load of our vehicles
Location vitrines réfrigérée développement durable impact CO2 transport logistique France Loca Service Bouve

Manufacture, modify and adapt our refrigerated displays

On these refrigerated display cases and respecting the environment, Loca Service has set up:
  • A preventive maintenance procedure,
  • A body shop and refurbishment to restore the maximum of refrigerated display cases instead of destroying.
Concerning the environment, Loca Service has always had the desire to avoid destroying a showcase.
Our approach has always been to MAKE, MODIFY and ADAPT Refrigerated Displays for rent on our site of La Bassée in the North. We have a workshop and a team of 10 people to restore equipment to completely "new".

All this in order to :
  • Avoid to "throw away" showcases damaged by transportation or rental hazards,
  • Master the constraints of rent which are rarely taken into account by manufacturers and remain constantly one step ahead.