Following new marketing ideas and new trends demand continuous commercial areas of the large and medium/sized retail stores to adapt and modify their sales area. Each distributor thinks constantly new concepts for its different brands with the aim of maintaining the optimization of the shelves, to serve and advise the customer.
This usually requires a complete reorganization of the sales outlet. Practicing this requires organization, while maintaining the development of revenue will not be easy.

To accompany you and help you in this work, Loca Service offers, with a range of specific refrigerated displays for rent, creating and temporary placement of your shelves for fresh products.

Give a shot of freshness to your concepts

The most difficult area to manage the relocation or remodelling of a store is often the refrigeration area. Loca Service accompanies you on this milestone and offers, for all your stores renovations or works, a range of special rental refrigerated displays, depending on the desired configuration:

- Refrigerated or frozen Islands,
- Refrigerated or frozen Multideck Cabinets
- Serve–over counters, and other displays for traditional shelves.

You can continue running your store by maintaining a suitable assortment of your fresh products during the period of work.

Do not hesitate to consult us for all possibilities for remodelling and temporary placement of your fresh products displays. Our sales force came from the food industry and supermarkets, predominantly refrigerated and fresh products. Their field experience allows them to more easily understand your needs and meet your expectations.
Loca Service is at your disposal to propose a methodology and a real know-how for the implementation of the following:

  • Shop surface Reorganization
  • Reordering of selling space
  • Interior Redevelopment for food shops
  • Warehouse Remodelling
  • Warehouse Layouts

Thanks to our flexibility and responsiveness of our sales team, we can adapt to your schedule and inherent hazards of remodelling and redesign. You will be able to rent our refrigerated displays for the duration that is needed.

We are active in the field for many years and possess many customers making regular use of our remodelling services. Our know-how and our expertise in this field allow us to intervene on all France.