ICE 40

Our range of containers enables you to store your refrigerated products with a reliable, secure solution tailored to your needs. – A complete offer with everything included: access ramp, alarm, lighting, polar curtain, flat floor and enclosed person alarm. – A complete service: on-site inspection, in-house delivery, after-sales support from our team of technical experts and specialized refrigeration technicians. – Guaranteed safety with Ice-Connect: remote temperature monitoring platform, real-time readings and alerts via e-mail and SMS The ICE40 offers a large storage capacity: up to 24 euro-pallets and a wide temperature range.

Product Highlights

  • Up to 24 euro-pallets
  • Dual-temperature storage
  • All-inclusive package
  • Comprehensive service throughout the rental process from technical experts and specialized refrigeration technicians
  • Guaranteed safety with Ice-Connect (monitoring solution)

Approved 4-tonne access ramp

Enclosed person alarm


Easy-to-open doors

Fleece curtain

Flat stainless steel floor

Ice-Connect safety system

Technical sheet ICE 40 Download
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