1. Switch to closed furniture

Closing cabinets must be accompanied by a merchandising plan and product repositioning to encourage impulse buying, which is often hampered by the physical barrier of doors. In fact, whereas in an open cabinet, the best-selling products are displayed at eye level, in a closed cabinet, they must be displayed at hand level to make them easier to hold.

Loca Service has come up with a number of solutions, including furniture offering greater product visibility thanks to better adapted interior lighting… as well as a complete range of enclosed furniture. 

2. Switch off neon lights at night

Leclerc, Carrefour, Auchan, Intermarché, Système U, Casino and Monoprix have signed a text stipulating that illuminated signs must be switched off when the store closes.

The Fédération du Commerce et de la Distribution and the Conseil National des Centres Commerciales refused to sign.

3. Offer recyclable and responsible point-of-sale displays

POP displays are often immediately discarded after a few days’ use, and not always recycled, as they are often complex to dismantle and contain different materials that take time to separate. The idea is not to ban POP, but rather to encourage its design using natural materials, and to think about its recovery. 38 measures have been identified, including: painting store roofs white, replacing neon lights with LEDs, dematerializing sales receipts, eliminating expiration dates on certain products…

Ophélie, manager of Les Pingouistes graphic studio: 

Our daily challenge:

  • Attractive point-of-sale displays
  • Guarantee that our developments are maintained throughout the commercial operation
  • Reusable if possible
  • Easy to assemble / disassemble / clean / transport
  • Preferably adaptable to several Loca Service showcases
  • At lower cost
  • And environmentally friendly

It’s not always easy to meet all these criteria, as each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

We design our point-of-sale displays so that they can be adapted to several Loca Service showcases (wherever possible).

4. Reduce lighting, lower temperatures

More and more action is being taken to save energy and cut costs. However, it’s important to strike a balance between energy savings and employee comfort. Measures such as the use of LED lights and the installation of efficient air-conditioning systems can help achieve this balance. Ice connect is the connected solution that automatically records temperatures to help you manage your energy consumption.

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