What does energy efficiency mean?

Energy sobriety is an approach aimed at reducing energy consumption by optimizing its use in a rational and responsible manner, while maintaining a satisfactory level of comfort or performance. This generally involves adopting energy-saving behaviors, investing in more efficient equipment and optimizing production and consumption processes.

This is one of the three pillars of the energy transition being implemented in France and Europe (the other two being energy efficiency and renewable energies).

The energy transition aims to transform our current energy system towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly model by taking action in several areas:

  • Greenhouse gas reduction
  • Energy security (reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels)
  • Job creation and economic development
  • Improving energy efficiency (promoting more efficient practices that help reduce overall energy consumption)
  • Conserving natural resources

In short, it’s a complex process that touches on a number of subjects to fundamentally transform the way we produce, distribute and consume energy in order to meet today’s challenges.

With regard to the energy efficiency pillar, measures can be implemented by both private individuals and professionals, for example:

  • Use of renewable energy sources (solar panels, water heating systems, etc.)
  • Optimize transportation (encourage travel by foot, bicycle or public transport)
  • Replace traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Use energy-efficient appliances

What is the energy efficiency plan?

Energy sobriety has become essential in the retail sector with the introduction of the government’s energy sobriety plan, particularly following the risk of shortages linked to the war in Ukraine.

The French government is implementing a number of key actions as part of its plan to reduce energy consumption:

  • Energy-efficient building renovation (in particular with MaPrimeRénov)
  • Energy performance regulations
  • Development of renewable energies
  • Promoting sustainable mobility

In response, large and medium-sized retailers have committed to implementing strict measures to reduce their energy consumption:

  • Lowering heating temperatures at the point of sale
  • Reduce lighting intensity before the public arrives
  • Switching off illuminated signs at night
  • Use of closed refrigerated display cabinets

All these actions will help save up to 40% in energy consumption by 2030.

How can Loca Service help you meet your decarbonization challenges?

At Loca Service, we’re keenly aware of the actions that can promote this energy transition, and we’re committed to supporting our partners in their approach. One of Loca Service’s 3 main areas of commitment is to develop increasingly sustainable and responsible products and services.

Our concrete actions:

  • Innovation: manufacture of A-class refrigerated display cases.

In 2023, we launched the first energy class A wall-mounted unit available for rental: the KLASSA, which saves over 80% in energy consumption (vs. equivalent wall-mounted units on the market). Over a 15-day rental period, this is equivalent to 34 kg of CO2, or 75 bottles of water, 61 vegetarian meals or 13 Lille-Marseille TGV journeys. On top of this, the KLASSA is a real commercial asset thanks to its 100% black design, maximum product visibility, high capacity and 1.30m width to fit between gondola shelves. Our R&D teams are currently working on other Class A refrigerated cabinet projects to enrich our ranges.

  • Energy-efficient furniture

A pioneer and leader in the design of energy-efficient furniture, Loca Service has been offering low-energy furniture for over 10 years.

  • Closed cabinet design: up to 80% less consumption (vs. open cabinet)
  • Technological innovation: connected, intelligent furniture, refrigeration control and consumption optimization
  • Loca Service’s exclusive thermal insulation
  • LED lighting and latest-generation technological components
  • High-capacity furniture: more sales for less consumption
  • A clean, environmentally-friendly gas


  • Closure of refrigerated display cases

Concerned about the problems faced by its partners, Loca Service has undertaken to install lids and doors on most of its open furniture. This action will save between 30% and 50% of consumption per piece of furniture. Partnering with Loca Service means opting for innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions, while meeting the government’s energy-saving requirements. We are proud to contribute to this transition towards more responsible consumption, and will continue to develop ever more innovative solutions to support our partners in this process.

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