Launch of the new Loca Service website

For this event, one watchword: a 100% Loca Service website.
We are delighted to unveil our brand-new website, an achievement that would not have been possible without the contribution of our employees.
Discover how the men and women of Loca Service played the game throughout this crazy day of filming and shooting.

Behind the scenes of a Loca Service video shoot and photo shoot 

To deliver an authentic, immersive user experience, we chose to go beyond generic images and work with our real experts at their various workstations. Follow us behind the scenes of our photo shoot, where the Loca Service team, our employees and even our friends the Penguins, Solu-Kit, Cold-Market and Connecty-Smart, joined forces to create images that tell the story of our group.

A harmonious collaboration
We thank Isa for dressing this Alaska 254 times for the occasion!

1 photo, 1 story
A piece of furniture tested and re-tested thanks to Manu!


The faces of Loca Service
Aurélien in his element, a real fish in the water!


Behind-the-scenes energy
Glass offices = Chloé has to hide!


A huge thank you to our collaborators who made it all possible. Thank you for sharing your energy, passion and authenticity with us.
As you explore our website, we hope you’ll feel the warmth, life and passion that characterize Loca Service.


Follow the adventures of our employees on Linkedin !

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