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Create the event with a space dedicated to tasting

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References : SN09

Easy access to stands Many accessories Grey color Small footprint Concept and manufacture Loca Service

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  • Maintains temperature to your products intended for sale!
  • Create the event : to draw attention to your products thanks to a tasting session. Ideal for your product launches, or the promotional launching/ implementation.
  • Promotes the impulse purchase : the dramatization of your products is the pledge of an increase in your sales.
  • Practical and ergonomic : the whole of its composition makes your tastings easier; a removable pad that can be used as a cutting table or bracket rests balance (also in rental at Loca Service). A support for the garbage bag is also incorporated.
  • Accessorize the stand : scalable and versatile, the stand animation offers a multitude of accessories such as pots and pans.
  • Adapted POS : thanks to the illuminated mat, Loca Service offers you a POS adapted to your products.

Products informations

This neutral stand of animation is the most used for commercial animations in large and medium/sized retail stores. It perfectly highlights your products, especially thanks to its glass sides and its central lighting.

The small footprint of this animation booth (0,90m) will allow you to facilitate the sales of your animator.

Our stand allows you to imagine and execute many culinary animations aimed to shopping centres, commercial galleries… We can put at your disposal several types of complementary equipment of catering to rent over different periods (frying pans, electrical or gas, scale, plate...).

Loca Service is the partner of your commercial animations which have the objective to boost your sales and your turnover in animating products and shelves.

All our commercial counsellors have a strong knowledge of commercial animation, as well as catering shelves, and they have the necessary training concerning food safety and hygiene.


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Bannière pub Outil PLV Loca Service UK 96b96

Bannière pub FINOS UK 1f2ec

Technicals characteristics

Reference Temperature Type Length Height Depth Color  
SN09SN09 Type de température : Ambient temperature Longueur : 900 mm Hauteur : 1220 mm Profondeur : 750 mm Coloris : Grey Compare this product

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Maintains temperature to your products intended sales


Essential for your entertainment in the stand


The Hygiene standard norms are respected


The presentation of your products optimized by high visibility and an ultra-modern design.