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Loca Service grows every day thanks to the energy of the men and women who work here.

With over 65 different professions and 12 branches in Europe, we bring together a wide range of personalities, cultures, backgrounds and profiles on a daily basis.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion

We are committed to treating all company employees fairly and impartially, making no distinction between individuals on the basis of gender, origin, age, etc.

Diversité, équité et inclusion

Everyone is treated with respect and dignity

We are encouraged to share our views and experiences, to create a working environment where everyone feels at ease.

divsersité, équité et inclusion 2

Our positions are open to all!

Our inclusive hiring practices enable us to consider all applications without discrimination.
Providing an inclusive work environment is a real commitment at Loca Service.

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We're committed to reducing the gender gap in the workplace!

At Loca Service, everyone has the same opportunities for career advancement and access to positions of high responsibility. Our salaries are indexed to objective pay scales, preventing any risk of discrimination.




Total points obtained for calculable indicators: 79

Maximum number of points that can be obtained for calculable indicators: 100

  1. Indicator – Pay gap


2. Indicator – Individual increase gap


3. Indicator – Increase in return from maternity leave


4. Indicator – Number of employees of the under-represented sex in the 10 highest-paid jobs


From the summary of declarations for the gender equality index for 2024 based on 2023 data.

We will continue to apply our pay scale rigorously, with the aim of maintaining a minimum pay gap. In addition, starting this year, a special effort will be made to pay women returning from maternity leave. We are also committed to taking the necessary steps to increase female representation in our strategic functions

Diversité, équité et inclusion

Diversité, équité et inclusion

Nous nous engageons à traiter de manière équitable et impartiale toutes les collaboratrices et les collaborateurs de l’entreprise, en ne faisant aucune distinction entre les individus selon leur sexe, origine, âge, etc.

Chacun est considéré avec respect et dignité.

Nous sommes encouragés à partager nos points de vue et nos expériences, afin de créer un environnement de travail où tout le monde se sent à l’aise.

divsersité, équité et inclusion 2

Nos postes sont ouverts à toutes et tous !

Nous mettons en place des pratiques d’embauche inclusives qui nous permettent d’étudier toutes les candidatures sans discrimination.

Proposer un environnement de travail inclusif est une vrai volonté chez Loca Service.

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Nous avons à coeur de réduire les écarts professionnels entre les hommes et les femmes !

Chez Loca Service, tout le monde a les mêmes opportunités de progression de carrière et d’accès à des postes à hautes responsabilités. Nos rémunérations sont indexées sur des grilles de salaire objectives empêchant tout risque de discrimination.

Young people at the heart of the company!

We are convinced that the future will be built with the new generation.

As a real incubator, we actively promote the integration of young people into working life. We’re very proud of our interns and work-study students, who come to us to lay the foundations for a long career.

nos jeunes
developpement des compétences

Skills development

Thanks to our training policy, we anticipate and support the development of our employees and their specific business needs.

Nearly 5,000 hours of training are delivered each year.

We help our talents to grow and develop, whether towards higher responsibilities or across functions and professions.

Our health and safety policy

Protecting our employees is one of our top priorities, and we want everyone to be sure of working in a safe and healthy environment.

We have set ourselves a “zero workplace accidents” objective, with :

  • A program of preventive and corrective actions
  • Employee information and training on health and safety at work
politique santé sécurité
Le bien etre au travail

Well-being at work: it's essential!

Guaranteeing good working conditions also means thinking about day-to-day well-being.

To help our employees flourish, Loca Service attaches great importance to the environment, with pleasant, ergonomic premises.

We encourage sporting activities, with access to a gym at our head office and the possibility of arranging lunchtime activities such as running, cycling or pétanque!

All our sites are equipped with friendly relaxation areas with darts and table soccer.

Events are organized on a regular basis to create links… and memories!


We put people and the environment at the heart of our strategy and operations.


Each project is developed in close collaboration with our customers, true partners in our strategy.


Find out more about our sustainable development policy and how we preserve our planet, its natural resources and biodiversity.


We care about our economic impact on communities and external stakeholders by embracing diversity, equity and inclusion.