Let's work towards responsible management
of the environmental impact of our activities.


Because we are convinced that preserving resources is one of the keys to sustainable development.

Because the model we defend implies sustainability and longer product life.

Because we are committed to imagining, developing and implementing solutions with the lowest possible impact.

Because we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance, both in our business activities and on a day-to-day basis.

Because we want to inform and involve all our stakeholders in this environmental approach that is so important to us.

Aurélien BOUVE
Today, we are facing unprecedented climate challenges. To meet them, it is important for everyone to act at their own level . At Loca Service, we're well aware of the vital role that businesses have to play in the transition. Taking into account our environmental impact is a priority. Every day, with all our employees, we work to improve our practices in order to reduce our environmental footprint. our footprint.
Aurélien BOUVE


All the actions deployed by Loca Service contribute to
sustainable response to these major challenges:

  • Efficient use of water and energy 
  • Reduction of resources used 
  • Recycling of materials
  • Phasing out chlorofluorocarbons and other ozone-depleting substances
  • Use of chemical and/or harmful products 
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions 
  • Reduction of hazardous and non-hazardous waste 
  • Preservation of biodiversity 


Extending the life of our products

In our business model, product sustainability is paramount.

Our furniture is designed to be sturdy and repairable. At the same time, preventive maintenance is systematically implemented.

Damaged furniture is not thrown away, but renovated in our technicenter.

Did you know?

Our very first piece of furniture is still in perfect working order!


Reducing energy consumption

To support our partners in their energy-saving plans, we have historically offered low-energy furniture, designed natively closed.

At our various sites, we monitor and control the energy performance of our buildings and invest to meet demanding environmental standards.

An “energy sobriety” project group defines and steers the company’s actions aimed at reducing our energy consumption by 10% by 2024.


Reducing our CO2 emissions

We are committed to the Objectif CO2 program, which aims to reduce GHG emissions from our transport activities by 15% by 2024.

Our actions revolve around 3 main areas:

The integration into our fleet of 3 B100 vehicles running on rapeseed:

  • The integration into our fleet of 3 B100 vehicles running on rapeseed: -60% reduction in C02 emissions per vehicle

  • Raising our drivers’ awareness of eco-driving, with personalized follow-up and advice Optimizing our routes with the Webfleet tool


Waste management and recycling

All the waste we produce is sorted for recycling. We also limit the packaging and consumables required to protect furniture during storage and transport.

We are aware that the refrigerant gases contained in our furniture are dangerous substances for both man and the planet. We ensure their safe use and proper disposal at the end of their life.

To meet our commitments and environmental challenges, our printing plant is certified Imprim’Vert. It is also committed to waste management.


Encouraging the preservation of biodiversity

We make our employees aware of the need to preserve natural resources and biodiversity.

Our 2 hives at La Bassée (59) are home to over 50,000 bees each. The honey harvest is a wonderful event that gives us the opportunity to discuss the importance of protecting living things.

Our Beauvais site is home to sheep who maintain the green spaces. Eco-pasturing is a virtuous and endearing practice!


Loca Service emphasizes transparency, ethics and organization.


Loca Service is mindful of its economic impact on these communities by embracing diversity, equity and inclusion.


Customer management is at the heart of our CSR strategy.


Loca Service is mindful of its economic impact on these communities by embracing diversity, equity and inclusion.