As a regional and economic player, we are committed to contributing to the social and economic well-being of our external stakeholders.


Before making any purchase, we strive to identify real needs. We pay close attention to our purchasing practices, which enable us to respond effectively to our customers’ needs by providing sustainable, quality products and services.

We are constantly improving our industry practices and our value chain through transparency, honesty and continuous improvement.

Nos convictions
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We are well aware of the impact our purchases have on our business. This is why we have decided to formalize our commitments in a Responsible Purchasing Charter. It involves us and our suppliers in social and environmental issues. It commits our partners to working with us to improve practices in our supply chain and across the industry as a whole.
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Our sustainable commitments help us meet 3 key challenges.

Choose quality products for sustainable furniture.

Select suppliers and partners who respect people and the environment.

Maintain trusting supplier relationships.

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The selection of our suppliers is based on quality and CSR criteria in line with our approach. Our buyers are made aware of the social and environmental issues related to our activity.

Our stakeholders are true partners with whom we maintain an open and constant dialogue. We nurture healthy, lasting relationships through active listening and availability.


We are regularly involved in actions in favor of charitable or committed associations or programs.

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Loca Service emphasizes transparency, ethics and organization.


Loca Service is mindful of its economic impact on these communities by embracing diversity, equity and inclusion.


Customer management is at the heart of our CSR strategy.


Loca Service measures its environmental impact as part of a sustainable development approach. From the management of water, waste and biodiversity to energy consumption.