Loca Service, a key player in the business of refrigerated displays renting in Europe

Located in La Bassée, near Lille (59 - Nord) in the region of Hauts-de-France, Loca Service is the specialist of rental refrigerated displays cases, for 40 years (founded in 1981).

The company offers customized rental services for Large and medium/sized retail stores (supermarkets and hypermarkets), and food manufacturers.

We have passionate professionals about the refrigeration universe, we provide integral management of the rental equipment (maintenance, booking of refrigerated displays, passing through the graphical personalization of POS materials, until maintenance ...).

We also have our own manufacturing plant that, allows us to have a perfect knowledge of the different businesses in our sector and, of our products.
With a network of 12 agencies in Europe and with a turnover of 32 million euros (€) in 2018, Loca Service continues its development on the rental market of refrigerated displays in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, to exclusively diverse professional customers: large national accounts, supermarkets, food manufacturers.
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We offer for rent, with all connected services, a wide range, including over than 300 product references and, more than 35,000 refrigeration displays, together with an industrial organization that allows satisfying the major logistics requirements.

The refrigerated displays Loca Service are characterized by high energy efficiency, an attractive and functional design, and an optimum relationship between quality and price.

We have one of the largest refrigerated displays parks in Europe, and with the best technology.

An important network to always offer more services

In 2020, the group Loca Service, founded by Pascal Bouve in 1981 and directed by Aurélien Bouve since 2016,  has expanded its network to 12 branches.

The organization Loca Service is largely decentralized and regionalized via its agencies, to offer personalized services and guarantee short and direct distribution channels. Each agency is monitored remotely by advisors and sales assistants and business specialists that respond quickly and effectively to customer expectations.

Until this date, professionalism and performance of the group Loca Service relies on the skills of 280 employees trained to assist in choosing the best refrigerated displays, tailored to your requests.

The know-how of a leader

Loca Service is recognized by its strong historical expertise in the rental sector of refrigeration equipment. We serve the competitiveness of our customers and we are committed to delivering, with reactivity and flexibility, a range of excellent services, tailored to their needs: testing, verification, certification, expertise and advice, development and innovation.

Loca Service offers all types of rental refrigerated cases.
We offer you a wide range of refrigerated cabinets for successful business operations both
for large and medium/sized retail stores, events, for short or long term.