For over 35 years, Loca Service and its employees are daily committed to meet their client’s commitments and still providing excellent service. Our culture and our commitment to creating a focused environment to innovation for our customers relies on values that are the foundation of our actions, our behaviour and our success since our inception.

Internally, our goal is to ensure that our activities are conducted in accordance with our values, we have to cultivate, and even more develop, on a daily basis in our various businesses.

Externally, we want our values to be the brand recognition of Loca Service Group's, which is positioned as a major player in the rental of refrigerated displays cases, and that they constitute a real competitive advantage.

Based on our shared values, strong and unifying that we organize our success and our development.


At Loca Service, we mobilize ourselves not only to achieve our goals, but to exceed them. While meeting the demands of our customers is essential, it also seems to us essential to anticipate, to be a force for bringing forward proposals, to be proactive and to innovate: be it in terms of meeting the changing market, to evolve our services, or to propose new services and products. We create with our customers close bounds established by a relationship of trust, support and monitoring, by dedicated and easily accessible contacts.


At Loca Service, respect imposes itself as it is needed and it is inspiration. Keeping our word is an essential condition for the respect that is required to everyone, commitment, and well done. The respect that is inspiration is the competence of each one in their field, with courage, creativity, ability to anticipate and openness.


At Loca Service, we claim our responsibility in the actions we undertake for our clients. We assume our mistakes. It proves that we dared and its causes determined that it encourages us to start again until we succeed.


An independent family business is characterized by perseverance. Loca Service exists continuously since 1981 proof of its strength and adaptability in the refrigerated displays rental market.


The refrigeration solutions we build and we rent together with the talent, energy and creativity of our teams, to start by solving the problems of our customers, our partners. At Loca Service, we want to help our customers enhance their competitiveness and build with them innovative and efficient solutions, completely exploiting the potential of the refrigerated displays while keeping its complexity. At Loca Service, a client is first of all a partner.

Know how to BOUNCE OUT

In the projects we undertake, we are continually faced with new challenges and obstacles. They are experienced, at Loca Service, as opportunities to test our limits and to better understand the subject and to make new solutions. And ultimately rebound to go further and emerge confident, strengthen our competence and feel ready to start again.


Loca Service likes to invest and enjoys supporting those investing, taking on risks. Its success is built on the entrepreneurial value, cultivated and encouraged within our different teams. In our company, everyone can undertake some risks at each level, because it has a space in which he can explore new avenues and implement new ideas. It is supported in this process, which is a source of innovation for our company.


Listen and understand the expectations of our customers. In the spirit of sustainable partnership, we have a desire to constantly improve and maintain the spirit of confidence essential to effective collaboration. At Loca Service customers enjoy privileged contacts in each area, that offer them solutions for every application ... a valued proximity to our teams and our customers!


Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers. Respect, solidarity, openness and also interacting, transparent and sincere, due to these essential elements we have establish high values, maintained for 35 years at Loca Service to our customers/partners, it results in the faithfulness of these and their success in their markets demonstrates the soundness of our approach.


Sharing our passion for our profession by all employees is essential to the growth and sustainability of our company.