In 1981, Pascal Bouve created its company of maintenance for butchers’ equipment exclusively serving professionals. Today, the family business Loca Service has become an international group that has lost nothing of its culture of refrigeration and sense of service.

More than 200 employees contribute every day to bring innovation, quality and efficiency to our professional customers, with the primary mission to help them to be ever more efficient.

Fabrication meubles frigorifiques vitrines réfrigérées location France loca service GMS

Rental Company and also manufacturer of refrigerated displays !

A long-time initiated within the company for which the refrigeration is a passion, Loca Service develops for several years its own refrigerated cases. Constantly focusing on innovation, we invent and reinvent the rental and delivery service to every new idea and thanks to our strong ability to :

  • Continuously integrate new skills,
  • Know how to innovate at the right time,
  • Developing fields of applications specific to our partner activity,
  • Be able to offer our customers innovative, different and ultra-competitive products.
fabrication vitrines réfrigérées meubles location loca service France GMS
Being a renter but also manufacturer of refrigerated displays allows us to offer the best choice, including exclusive refrigerated displays, selected to meet the advantages demanding needs of our customers. Our products and services begin to reach each client to give him the necessary quality and efficiency for the proper exercise of his profession. This expertise in the manufacture of refrigerated displays allows us to be at the forefront of all the specifics of our business.

Loca Service has its own manufacturing plant and its R&D department in northern France.

The joint work between both entities ensures perfect product knowledge and business. Expert and personalized advice.

An expert and personalized advice

Our customers' problems are at the heart of our daily concerns. Thus, you get a dedicated sales assistant who accompanies you daily, presents the latest news, offers our best showcases over your project and provide technical answers and solutions to your problems.

The Loca Service-s will ?
Guarantee custom-made innovating, quality and above all accessible solutions.

The seriousness, boldness and commitment to excellence of Loca Service Group allows us to bring our customers innovative, varied, simple, effective and qualitative products.

Every day, it is the requirement of our client partners that allows us to move forward and progress. At Loca Service customers are primarily partners of our actions, our projects to achieve common goals. Whatever the mission we have accomplished with them is always with professionalism and careful preparation.

The quality of material

Loca Service fabrication meuble vitrine réfrigérées frigorifique location GMS industriels grande distribution
Loca Service is committed to make available new refrigerated displays or in perfect condition. If problems linked to faulty design and / or manufacture of refrigerated displays making them unfit for the use for which they were hired, Loca Service will repair or exchange at its expense the defective parts within 48H after receiving the information transmitted by the point of sale. Everything is implemented to compensate for an emergency, our goal: to find THE solution

Loca Service cannot be held liable for misuse or manipulation of the refrigerated display unit by the user, or damage resulting from bad weather (lightning, floods ...) or damage caused by electrical accidents, not caused by a malfunction of the devices.

Our engagements :

  • Set a sufficient stock of refrigerated displays to meet the booking orders relating to provisional schedule on time and without disruption
  • Do not attempt to overbooking
  • Define a buffer stock to cover the needs of exceptional operations
  • Ensure full implementation of firm orders, notably regarding the type and number of refrigerated displays and the dates of delivery and recovery
  • Ensure the provision of POS on the points of sale.
  • Make every effort to ensure a maximum rate of service, or offer our customers alternatives that may be considered equivalent, or better benefits
  • The motto Loca Service: zero-defect!


Loca Service Showcase refrigerated refrigerated displays
All our products are designed and manufactured according to European and American standards (CE and ETL) and are accompanied by a Loca Service quality guarantee.

With our Portuguese-based manufacturing agency, Loca Service has a state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, a product design center and testing and simulation laboratories to guarantee the best equipment, energy efficiency and durability.