Through proven and operational tested system, in close collaboration with IT professionals, Loca Service designed unique custom software, evolving for many years and fully adapted to the rental requirements.

This tool, LocaSpé allows full traceability of our refrigerated displays for total transparency.

Through a system of EAN (European Article Number), the life of each refrigerated display can be analysed step by step and live, in each of our 12 branches in Europe: from cleaning to the various tests, preparing the POS decoration, from departure to delivery, Loca Service is able to trace the history of its refrigerated displays.

With its special software, monitoring the cabinet is permanent. Test, state, history...
Everything is monitored and you have nothing to do.
Since 2001, and in close and exclusive collaboration with a computer engineering company in the Lille region, this wireless recorder allows us to record many parameters such as :
  • Traceability of the life of the refrigerated display
  • Temperature of the refrigerated display during the rental
  • Loading hours
  • Hours of defrosting
  • Drafts
  • Malfunctions
  • If the refrigerated display has been used or not
  • If the refrigerated display was too loaded with goods
  • If the refrigerated display has been moved aside and not used for hire